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Jessica Pitts is one of our All-Star Account Managers at Purple Penguin Digital and is a great representation of what we value in our team! Jessica oversees 25+ accounts and works hand-in-hand with both franchise clients and Marketing Experts to get the best message in front of the right audience!

When Jessica partners with a new client, she dives headfirst into that business. She works with the business to best understand their challenges and needs, and she is quick to organize a Digital Marketing plan across the best platforms for the franchise!

When asked about working with the Purple Penguin Digital team, Jessica’s biggest highlight was the collaboration and support that everyone shares.

“Every time there is a success (personally or professionally) the team celebrates each other. Anytime there may be a challenge, the team is quick to provide solutions and help!”

Outside of Purple Penguin Digital, we got to ask Jessica several fun questions!

1. When asked what her favorite food was, she replied enthusiastically, “Hispanic Food!”.

2. If Jessica could have one superpower, she would choose Super Strength!

3. Jessica’s ideal destination for a vacation is the pristine beaches of The Maldives!

Thank you so much for everything you do, Jessica! You are an integral part of the team and the culture wouldn’t be the same without you!