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Marketing segmentation is a difficult task for any business to manage, especially if you are targeting multiple demographics based on seasonality or different offerings. Small businesses and franchises want to harness the attention of as many consumers as possible, which means creating an agile marketing plan that can appeal to any target audience with success. 

The biggest target demographic to reach in this decade is Gen Z. Born in the mid-1990s to 2010, they are our youngest consumers and have vastly different perspectives from even their millennial peers. Some have already entered the workforce and have their own disposable income to spend, but are still young enough to have low living expenses which mean they are a prime demographic to target for retail and experience-based services. 

In order to reach Gen Z better and faster than your competition, you need to know these four secrets of the Gen Z perspective and consumer mindset:

Gen Z is more realistic than optimistic

Gen Z grew up in much more turbulent times than their millennial counterparts. As children, they remember the War on Terror and watched their parents struggle during the Great Recession. They understand that security is not guaranteed, and are therefore more pragmatic than they are optimistic about their futures. Today, they are also bombarded by threats of environmental catastrophe and political unrest, which often leads to insecurity about the future and a heightened interest in the political and environmental actions of corporations. 

Gen Z values their money and is not as active consumers as their millennial peers or parents. As shoppers, they are highly practical and research products well before purchase. However, they also seek out experience-based services as these create memories that far outlive physical product lifespans. 

Gen Z is Looking for Role Model Businesses

Because of their heightened awareness of environmental issues and sociopolitical issues, Gen Z looks for businesses to have a “Social Good” within their mission and company structure. Companies like Ben and Jerry’s or Patagonia are great examples as they have obtained Certified B Corp status and use their missions as a driving force in their marketing effort. 

Adding content about your mission statement and the ways in which your business creates a positive impact will drive Gen Z loyalty and sales even more. Even local efforts such as supporting a small charity or participating in Earth Day events can help you connect to Gen Z and create lifelong customers. 

Gen Zs are “Digital Natives”

Unlike older millennials that were introduced to mobile technology in middle and high school, Gen Z is fully immersed in the social-digital world. Many of them had cell phones in early childhood and do not remember a world without social media. They consume their information almost solely online, which means your social and search engine marketing must be on point in order to gain attention. 

You have to communicate with Gen Z where they get their information – on Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, and Youtube. These platforms are engaging to Gen Z and are a part of their daily life, which means they should be your primary focus.

Gen Z Responds to Video over Image

With the rise of content from YouTube and TikTok, it should be no surprise what kind of media most resonates with Gen Z. Photo and text content is falling to the wayside and is becoming replaced with 30-second Tik Toks or “reels” on Instagram. This means your message needs to be condensed, engaging, and in line with current trends on each platform. 

One of the easiest ways to gain traction is to use trending songs and sound clips from Tik Tok and Instagram that engage with your brand. Many sound clips are used in similar skits on these platforms and can make your brand blend in with other influencer content online. This helps to make your brand stand out and seem relatable to Gen Z while they’re scrolling. 

Use Purple Penguin Digital to Reach Your Gen Z Market

Purple Penguin Digital specializes in social media marketing and utilizes all Gen-Z relevant platforms to market your small business or franchise. We help you create content that is relatable, engaging, and fun so that you can stand above the rest and connect with your audience at a personal level.

If you’re ready to reach more customers through effective online advertising, schedule a consultation with us today.