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Why word of mouth is still the best way to build a brand in 2023 (but digital marketing done with the right strategy will accelerate your local efforts and increase word of mouth faster for sustainable growth.

Despite all of the marketing trends and tricks that come with technological advancement, word of mouth remains one of the best ways to build your brand. Word of mouth marketing is traditionally described as the passing on of information from one person to another, spreading the word about one’s satisfaction with what your brand has to offer. Essentially, you are letting your customers’ positive experience do free promotion for your brand, making it an effective, efficient, and sustainable marketing strategy in itself.

In studies conducted by Nielsen Global Trust in Advertising, 92% of consumers value recommendations from friends and family members over advertisements that they see online, on TV, and other platforms. Bright Ideas also found in their study that outside of relatives and peers, 88% of people also trust reviews that they read online.

Here is how digital marketing can enhance your word of mouth results:

Strengthens Your Brand’s Image with Legitimate Reviews

Simply having positive reviews from actual customers on your website or social media platforms boost your brand’s legitimacy. Let your brand speak for itself by backing up your offerings and expertise with results from people who have experienced them.

Featuring positive customer experiences together with smart digital marketing strategies improves your brand’s image, making it more trustworthy.

Posting your word-of-mouth testimonials and results on your social channels and shouting them for your audience to hear builds your credibility. (Remember 88% of people trust online reviews.)

Empowers Your Audience to Share Their Experiences

Let your audience know how important it is to you that they share their experiences in relation to your brand. Your digital marketing strategy can incorporate asking customers for feedback on social media channels, posting pictures of their latest shopping excursion in your store, and more. Let their experiences promote your brand, and incorporate a digital marketing strategy that implements these “soundbites”.

Increases Audience Engagement with Your Brand

By increasing engagement, not only on social media but through consistent email communications, you can stay top of mind and increase your lifetime customer value.

Email marketing is still one of the highest returns on your investment. And, if your emails are trustworthy, conversational, relevant, and strategic, they can return upwards of $30 for every dollar spent!

(Don’t forget to include customer testimonials and reviews in your emails. Words straight from the mouth of your customer are the best form of advertising.)

Although word of mouth is still the best way to build a brand, we are in an increasingly disconnected society. Therefore, it’s important to capture customer feedback, utilize it in your digital marketing strategy, and share it through your multi-channel marketing approach. Incorporate these strategies into your digital marketing campaign, and you’ll see how word of mouth can be enhanced to increase engagement and revenue.