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Many business owners, especially franchisees, struggle to figure out a digital marketing strategy that is both efficient and cost-effective. At Purple Penguin, a marketing firm specializing in franchises, we understand what it’s like completely – spending hours trying to come up with a good game plan, weighing out whether or not your marketing spend is worth it, or searching for an expert marketing guide. We’ve experienced them all.

That’s why the Purple Penguin Digital team is dedicated to providing you with the highest quality of service to get your marketing strategies on the right track. We work on a one-on-one basis with franchisees to customize a digital marketing plan tailored to your business’s goals and needs.

By being your marketing partner, Purple Penguin can get you world-class marketing results by providing you:

Dedicated Experts

The Purple Penguin Digital team’s decades’ worth of experience is reflected in our in-depth knowledge of the budget and strategies needed to point your business towards success. This means we can work our way around your needs and goals and deliver you quality results regardless.

Our team has a straightforward process that has helped over 500 franchise customers grow their business by bringing in more customers and generating 10’s of millions of dollars in revenue. First, we take time to get to know your business needs to see its full potential. This allows us to customize a marketing strategy to ensure that you get the results you want.

Purple Penguin’s mission of building trust and giving hope in an industry of lies has been our point of differentiation in creating deeper relationships with you and our partners to provide you holistic marketing and on-point content strategies that are sure to boost your business revenue.

Real-time Dashboards

We at Purple Penguin Digital can spare you the hassle of dealing with numbers and setting up graphs to track your marketing campaigns. That’s right, leave the math and logistics to us.

Our skilled team provides your business with a dashboard where you can track and monitor your ad campaigns when you need them and deliver data in real-time. With this, you can access your ad analytics all on a single platform where you’re able to see the results of your marketing strategy unfold before your very eyes. In addition, with real-time dashboards, you can see exactly where your ad spend is going and make adjustments to reach your revenue goals.

No Contracts

Enjoy our marketing service with no strings attached, no contracts, and no hidden fees. You can upgrade, downgrade, or cancel at any time. This is why our team of experts wants you to experience our skills and services without breaking the bank or stressing about your business capacity. We make your marketing strategy work for you and make every penny you spend on marketing worth it.

Let us guide you down the path of success and propel your business to the next level by booking an appointment with us.

Your local franchise business will appreciate the results we get by using our team of dedicated experts, real-time dashboards, and no contracts.