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Did you know that people who are exposed to display ads are 155% more likely to search for brand terms? Additionally, as a brand that uses Google Ads, you enjoy upgraded page ranking, above competitors, positioned at the top of the page. Therefore, using Google Ads can increase your visibility and site traffic exponentially.

Most franchises understand the value of Google Ads and are forever analyzing Google Ads data to see if their analytics are providing the KPIs they hoped for. Gathering and analyzing data, as well as using those analytics to adjust your ad placement, can be very challenging. Partnering with a trusted digital agency and working with a Google expert can bring much-needed peace of mind and remove concerns about running ineffective campaigns and wasting hard-earned money.

Purple Penguin Digital’s Google expert, Kristin Cpin, attended a recent roundtable and answered franchisors’ most frequently asked questions. Here are the top three:

1. How do I properly analyze Google Analytics data and translate it into my business’s marketing KPIs?

A: It depends on your company and marketing goals. Creating Goals in Google Analytics, if possible, is the first step. Concentrate on metrics like conversions, clicks, click-through rates, and phone calls. If you have low impressions and high click-through rates, you may need to expand your reach. If you have high impressions and low click-through rates, your ads may be effective, but you may need to reduce your reach in paid search.

Your key metrics should be impressions, clicks, click-through rates, conversion costs, and click costs. If your cost per conversion is especially high, it may mean that something is wrong with your advertisements. To lower your conversion costs, you should:

1) use higher converting keywords

2) regularly optimize your keywords

3) use re-marketing

4) optimize your landing pages

2. Is 30 days enough time to collect data?

A: According to Google digital data experts, if a certain metric is performing poorly, you should be able to tell after 30 days. However, three months is the ideal timeframe for data collection. Purple Penguin Digital discusses this expectation with every new client to ensure the client has enough time and money to make wise decisions.

If a client doesn’t have the budget to allot for 3 months of ad spend, it may not have enough data to adjust and achieve the goals.

3. There is a lot to look at and adjust within Google Ads. What should I prioritize when managing my campaign?

A: My recommendation as a Google digital marketing specialist is to focus on these three things.

a. Your bids and budget
b. Quality of your traffic
c. Targeting and devices

Making these a priority in this order can ensure you get the best results from your ad spend.

In conclusion, there are many other factors to consider, but Kristin recommends franchisors and franchisees begin with these three top considerations. To learn more about Google ads and how Purple Penguin Digital can help grow your franchise by placing, tracking and monitoring these powerful ads, contact us today.

Kristin Cpin

Kristin Cpin

Marketing Strategist

In 2013, Kristin joined the agency after working as a Google-certified contractor for seven years. She was hired to develop SEM, PPC, and Google Display Remarketing campaigns for clients, all of which will directly increase their client base and revenue. She has handled thousands of Purple Penguin Digital franchise client accounts and actively monitors their campaign performance for Google SEM, Paid Search, and Google Display Remarketing. Through certification courses and ongoing education on digital marketing industry trends, Google algorithms, and other changes, Kristin is always up-to-date. The Purple Penguin Digital team was awarded Google Partner status as a result of her experience. In addition to knowing the needs and problems of small business owners, Kristin has owned and operated three businesses, so she has a good understanding of a business’ needs.

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