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Franchise Marketing Case Study

Ctrl V + Purple Penguin Digital

Virtually Driving New Customers with Powerful Campaigns 

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Introduction And Challenge

Ctrl V, the world’s first and largest virtual reality arcade, faced a challenge in attracting new customers despite being an innovative brand.

Robert Bruski, CEO and franchisee of the flagship arcade in Waterloo, Ontario and his team, tried to develop and execute their own digital marketing and then contracted with two digital agencies, before realizing it was a losing battle.

In 2021, Rob and his team decided to partner with Purple Penguin Digital (PPD) to reinvent their digital marketing approach.

“It’s truly a magnificent experience working with them and we have the results to back that up.”

Rob Bruski

CEO and Co-Founder, Ctrl V Franchise System

Powerful Digital Marketing Solution

Purple Penguin Digital developed a strategy encompassing Google Paid Search and Meta (Facebook and Instagram) platforms.

With precise targeting, extensive keyword research and compelling messaging, the Paid Search campaign was launched, generating 74,908 impressions, 19,668 clicks, CPC (Cost Per Click) was $.09 and a remarkable click-through rate (CTR) of 26.26% from May 2022-May 2023.

The high CTR demonstrated the campaign’s success in driving quality traffic and engaging users.

The campaign’s impact was expanded with creative Meta ads, reaching an additional 1,894,196 impressions through Facebook and Instagram. With 5,858 link clicks and an ad frequency of 7.41, the campaign showcased its effectiveness in driving users to their website. Remarkably, the cost per click stood at an efficient $0.91.

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Ctrl V Waterloo and its franchise system are firmly established as a leader in the virtual reality entertainment sector, proving the power of digital marketing in driving exceptional results.

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