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Platos Closet

Elevating Plato’s Closets’ Online Reputations through Strategic Digital Marketing

Plato’s Closet Boone, NC and Plato’s Closet Huntersville, NC Franchise Locations


Plato’s Closet Boone and Plato’s Closet Huntersville franchises faced challenges with their online reputation and visibility. Plato’s Closet Boone grappled with low Google review scores and negative feedback, while Plato’s Closet Huntersville, a new location, struggled to be found on Google Maps, negatively impacting their local visibility and competitiveness.


Plato’s Closet Boone aimed to achieve a Google Review score above 4.0, while Plato’s Closet Huntersville aimed for improved visibility on Google Maps and a high Google review rating.


  • Google Business Profile Optimization. Local listings and directories were optimized for both of the franchise locations to enhance online visibility and search engine rankings.
  • QR Code Implementation. QR codes were introduced at the stores to encourage easy customer reviews.

Execution Process

For Plato’s Closet Boone and Huntersville, Purple Penguin Digital optimized their Google Business Profiles and 80+ other local listings/directories, ensuring accuracy and consistency of their information and adding keywords, events and photos wherever relevant. Additionally, a QR code placement was recommended at the stores of both franchises, facilitated by employee engagement in soliciting customer reviews. Employees were incentivized with gift cards to local coffee shops and restaurants for actively new Google reviews from customers.


Plato’s Closet Boone’s campaign began in February and gained momentum in April, yielding significant positive reviews. Plato’s Closet Huntersville started their campaign in January 2023 and achieved noticeable progress by April 2023. Both are continuing with their Google Reviews QR code campaigns.


  • Google Review Scores: Plato’s Closet Boone: 3.7 stars (30 reviews) increased to 4.6 stars (108 reviews) within 30 days.
    Plato’s Closet Huntersville: 3.4 stars (28 reviews) increased to 4.6 stars (185 reviews) within a similar timeframe.
  • Customer Foot Traffic: Both locations experienced significantly improved foot traffic due to enhanced online reputation.

Client Feedback

The clients expressed exceptional satisfaction with the strategies employed. Plato’s Closet Boone attributed their success to the collaborative approach with Purple Penguin Digital and the proactive engagement from their in-store employees, while Plato’s Closet Huntersville was so impressed with the results that they expanded the strategy to all five of their locations.

Additional Comments

Incorporating QR codes and employee incentives proved transformative for both locations, driving customer engagement and garnering positive reviews. These digital marketing efforts significantly boosted Plato’s Closet’s online reputation, paving the way for increased customer attraction and business growth.