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Digital marketing for small businesses and franchises is beyond complex. Not only are there hundreds of channels through which you can target advertising and content, but the methods for doing so are equally endless. Digital marketing is also an indirect approach often. While clickable ads are used, you also need to focus on building your search engine rankings, polishing your online reputation, and engaging on social media to support a fanbase. It’s overwhelming for even the most tech-savvy business owners.

Purple Penguin Digital makes it easier for you to focus on the “big picture” goals and leave the ins and outs to us. We deliver simple yet effective marketing strategies that make it easy for your customers to find you and ensure they’re eager to buy when they get there. However, it’s not just about our promises. We deliver real results that include customers walking through the door.

Below are some of the key performance indicators we use to track your progress, as well as why they’re important for you to watch. Not all marketing metrics equate to increased sales. If you look at these # metrics, however, you’re guaranteed to sharpen your marketing effectiveness over time.

Acquisition metrics

This tells you where customers are finding you online. This information is golden for improving your marketing strategy over time. For example, if you find that 40% of your online impressions are coming from Google searches and Google maps, you can safely invest your money into those channels rather than spending equally between Google, social, affiliate ads, and all of your other channels. While diversifying your marketing mix is essential, you want to pay attention to what channels get the most traffic so you can ramp up effort in that area.

Click vs bounce rates

Plenty of marketing agencies focus on the number of clicks they get on ads, or how many likes and engagements they get on social media. While these metrics are key, they need to be balanced by evaluating the bounce rate for ads as well. The bounce rate is the number of people who click on an ad but exit out without making a second click on the landing page. If people are clicking on your ads but not on your call-to-action, you’re not actually gaining customers. While a certain percentage of clicks are expected to bounce, don’t be afraid to ask and speak up if you believe that number is too high.

Most popular content

You need to know which pages on your website or which social media content is gaining the most traction. It’s not enough to understand these challenges as a whole. You need to dig deeper to find out what ads, posts, and content is drawing them in, so you can recreate it and form a more effective series of messaging for your audience.

Sales metrics

While this may seem obvious (as it’s the metric you want to see positive change in the most), many people don’t attribute sales success to marketing success. Yet Purple Penguin clients often see immediate sales increases once we begin their digital campaigns. When sales slow down, it can be difficult to make the choice to increase ad spending online; however, it is often the most effective remedy.

If you ever have questions about your marketing campaign, don’t be afraid to ask the Purple Penguin Digital team for more information about your progress. We value honesty and transparency with our clients and will work hard to ensure you are satisfied with your success!