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Franchisee Marketing

Special Pricing For Franchisees


*$599 FOR 50+ Locations

Franchisee Marketing

Special New Pricing For Franchisees



*$599 FOR 50+ Locations

Attract, Engage and Convert More Customers!

Digital marketing is critical for any business, but especially franchises. You need a digital partner you can trust and who gets results. Let us manage your franchise marketing so you can manage your business.


There are 5 billion internet users worldwide (63% of the world’s projected population). This is why the internet is one of the most important places to advertise your business. Just choose any combination of the following six digital products. Then determine your ad spend. Our management fee remains at $799/month. Optional add-ons are available. Let’s get started today!


Reaching 2 million+ websites, Display ads are a cost-effective way to reach new customers, build brand awareness and convert consumers into clients. You can target by demographics, geography and/or interests. Remarketing is available, too. Based on your budget, we’ll customize a display
ad campaign to fit your goals.

Facebook and Instagram

Advertise on these two powerful social media platforms with billions of active users. Target your audience by age, gender, location, interests and/or behavior. Pay only for the clicks or impressions. 2-3 ads will be designed, placed, and optimized monthly to fit your goals. Increase brand awareness, while driving website traffic and sales.

Paid Search

Also known as Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Paid Search is an effective tactic to generate immediate results, unlike organic search strategies that take time. PPC can be targeted to specific keywords, geographic locations, languages and even devices or times of day. Your ads are created and optimized continually to reach your goals.


With 200 million+ daily active users, you can reach a large, yet targeted young demographic. You will receive 2-3 ad campaigns monthly, and ad management and keyword/image refinement as needed, remarketing of past swipe-ups and tracking of KPIs. Attract younger followers with this affordable platform.


This GPS-navigation app targets users based on location, destination, and driving behavior. Waze ads can increase your visibility by displaying branded pins, logos, and messages on the app’s map. Stand out from competitors. Monthly you receive 2-3 personalized campaigns, monitoring and adjustments as needed.


With 2 billion+ monthly active users, YouTube reaches massive audiences of all ages and demographics. Receive 3-4 video ad campaigns per month, which can be very engaging and memorable. YouTube offers a range of video formats and detailed analytics. An effective addition to your marketing plan.

Optional Monthly Add Ons

Google Business Profile

Google Business Profile - $199

If your franchise doesn’t show up in the local pack, while doing a Google search, customers will have difficulty finding you. Let us review your GBP for accuracy and consistency. Plus, we add keywords, operating hours, descriptions, events, offers, photos and create new listings. Stay visible to your potential and current customers.

Blog - $199

Blogging can help you build a stronger online presence and increase your visibility in search engines. You will receive one branded blog monthly, written by our email specialists, based on business-relevant topics and customized to your location (where applicable). Local photos are encouraged and the blog will be provided to you directly to post.

Website / SEO - $99

Generate more website traffic by
improving your website’s search engine results. By optimizing your site, your visitors will find you easier and have a better user experience. You should also have higher conversion rates which means website visitors become loyal customers. We will review your website and provide expert SEO recommendations.

Email - $99

Email is an affordable, powerful means of building and nurturing relationships with prospective and current clients, leading to increased loyalty and repeat business. Drive sales by promoting special offers and events. Let our email specialists create one monthly email, optimized for open rates and link clicks and delivered directly from your email provider.

What our customers say

Our goal set by Winmark for this first year was $750,000 and we are tracking at $900,000. Our account manager genuinely cares about our success. Our experience couldn’t have been better.

Shannon M

Franchisee, Plato's Closet

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